We develop and implement complex IT solutions to increase the profit of your Production, Service Company, Financial Institution

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What we will do for the growth of your business

We offer a wide range of services for the automation of business processes in the FinTech sector, we provide a full service in the development of high-level technological and complex software.

  • СRM

    • We will integrate and finalize the CRM / ERP system with your products, payment services, etc.
    • Also we can develop these systems from 0
  • Automation of communication with clients

    • We will develop and implement tools for automating communication with clients: chatbots, telephony, mailing to messengers, etc.
  • Let's develop a mathematical model

    • We develop a mathematical model for scoring, sales forecasting, determination of FROD.
  • BigData + MachineLearning

    • We develop systems for the analysis of your client data.
    • We develop new systems based on machine learning for various tasks: increasing sales, analyzing the findings of new products, automating the sales process, analyzing the sales funnel, etc.


  • Any modules
  • Applications
  • Products for your business
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We offer only effective solutions that will make your work easier, automate business processes and bring profit.

  • Immersion

    We study the specifics of your business and only after that we offer a unique solution

  • Bespoke

    We come up with creative solutions specifically for your tasks

  • Focus

    We are about business solutions that bring you profit and do not waste time

  • Economy

    We use ready-made modules to reduce cost and time development

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To develop high-level technological and complex software for automating business processes for the FinTech sphere, we use such technologies:

Development methodologies

  • Analysis and evaluation of works
  • Solution development
  • Coordination with the customer
  • Solution implementation
  • Support and advice during operation

Favorite instruments

Our specialists use a number of tools to implement projects, which reduce the time required to develop a specific product.

  • RedMine

  • Telegram

  • Gitlab

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Team is our strength

Serhii Budiak<br />
Chief Executive Oficier

Serhii Budiak
Chief Executive Oficier

Creates solutions to increase business productivity and growth. Visionary.
- More than 15 years in IT
- Founder of the company
- Experience in Telecom operators, Banks, Contact Centers in management positions and in the implementation of Enterprise projects
- Experience in managing project teams for more than 10 years

Shenderenko Aleksandr<br />
Commercial Director

Shenderenko Aleksandr
Commercial Director

- Proactive
- More than 6 years in sales
- 5 years of work in the call-center
- More than 15 implemented IT projects

Hristyuk Kateryna<br />
Assistant chief

Hristyuk Kateryna
Assistant chief

- More than 15 years of experience in productive communication with partners, customers and suppliers of the company
- More than 4 years of experience working with a team on their productivity and the implementation of all assigned tasks
- More than 10 years of experience in working with the company`s document flow
- More than 3 years of experience in the personnel policy of the company
- More than 3 years of experience with CRM-Bitrix24, 1C, Binotel, Medoc, OPZ, Privat24 programs.
- More than 2 years of experience in conducting and fixing conferences.

<div>Listopad Alexandr<br />
Front end developer</div>

Listopad Alexandr
Front end developer

- Bootstrap 3-4, jQuery, БЭМ, Scss, Gulp, Vue
- Redmine, php, MySQL

<div>Listopad Denis<br />
Team Lead Developer</div>

Listopad Denis
Team Lead Developer

PHP4+,5+,7+,8, OOP, MVC, PDO, SOLID, PATTERNS, Sphinx, RegExp, RESTful, XML-RPC, 
- Phalcon 2, Yii2, Laravel, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis,  Active Record, RedBean PHP, 
- jQuery, jQueryUi, plainJS, Bootstrap, GiT, WebSocket, WEbRTC, AJAX

<div>Novosela Nadia<br />
Project Manager</div>

Novosela Nadia
Project Manager

- 2 years of experience as a product manager
-2 years of experience working with a web (created training portals, international dating site)
- successful completion of projects in different areas <br>АС Logistic -1С, Magento, Uroki.live(online site for education)

<div>Snytko Oleksandr<br />
Php developer</div>

Snytko Oleksandr
Php developer

PHP, Laravel, MySQL, JS:ReactJS

<div>Sienchyn Oleksii<br />

Sienchyn Oleksii

PHP, GoLang, Python, C#, jQuery,MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, Memcached, IntelliJ IDE, Docker, Yii2, Laravel, Go-kit, Redmine, Jira, IIS, nginx, apache, RESTful, RegExp, gRPC

<div>Sidorchenko Alexander<br />
Sales manager</div>

Sidorchenko Alexander
Sales manager

- over 7 years of experience in providing administrative services                        
- 2 years in the field of IT services sales

<div>Sergey Grebenuk<br />
Php developer</div>

Sergey Grebenuk
Php developer

Php, js, mysql

<div>Sokolenko Evgeniy<br />
Php developer</div>

Sokolenko Evgeniy
Php developer

- integration of payment systems: Visa / Mastercard, Payeer, PayPal, Bitcoin (block.io), PerfectMoney, Qiwi, LiqPay, Fondy, etc.
- development of banking systems, control of sets and transactions, monitoring of banking operations
- integration of billing reports for CRM with parsing and data integration via API.
-  CRM development for various business areas: the field of tourism with the integration of travel agencies and tour operators data, the service sector, the intellectual sphere, and
- development of projects for the sale of real estate, cars, services, sports goods and much more

Kvilinskiy Igor
<div>PHP Developer</div>

Kvilinskiy Igor
PHP Developer

PHP (Yii2, Symfony), MySQL, MongoDB, Clickhouse, Redis, RabbitMQ, HTML, CSS, JS, Server administrating

<div>Gordeev Vladimir<br />
Business Analyst</div>

Gordeev Vladimir
Business Analyst

2 years as a Project manager, SEO, Python, Django trainee

<div>Tyushkevich Yaroslav<br />
Node.js Backend Engineer</div>

Tyushkevich Yaroslav
Node.js Backend Engineer

Mobile dev
- Xamarin development of mobile cross-platform iOs + Android applications
- Development of backend solutions for mobile applications

<div>Kishkin Andrey<br />
C# developer</div>

Kishkin Andrey
C# developer

​- C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, T-SQL
- Database: MS SQL, SQLite, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB,
- Platform 
- Net Core, .Net Framework, Version control system, GIT, TFS, SVN, Tools and Technology, WEB API 2.0,  ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET MVC, ADO.NET,
WCF, EntityFramework, Dapper, Masstransit, Serilog, SignalR Angular Framework, JQuery, HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Ngrx, Other skills
- Microservices architecture, Docker, RabbitMQ, OData Kibana (ELK), Google API’s, Microsoft SQL Server

<div>Ivashchyshyn Roman<br />
Project Manager</div>

Ivashchyshyn Roman
Project Manager

- 17 years in project management: banking products, securities, leasing, AMC, aircraft construction, management accounting.
- 3 years in IT projects: development of a loyalty platform, mob. applications, horeca CRM, medical CRM, bots, Power BI.
- Operational business building, product development.

<div>Kulitskiy Serhey<br />
Front end developer</div>

Kulitskiy Serhey
Front end developer

JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, Bootstrap 3/4, SCSS(SASS), jQuery, PHP

<div>Livanskyi Andrii<br />
Data Scientist</div>

Livanskyi Andrii
Data Scientist

- Python, Jupyter, Scikit-learn, ML algorithms, NumPy, Pandas, Keras, TensorFlow, BS4, Selenium, Docker,
- Matplotlib, Tableau · Git, AWS, OpenCV, Computer vision · NLTK, NLP

Oleksandr Kondratiuk<br />
Project Manager

Oleksandr Kondratiuk
Project Manager

12 years in IT project management: banking products, payment systems, documents workflow systems, AI, management accounting.

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Experts in the integration of IT solutions

We never stop, we only go forward, we focus on the implementation of complex integrations and the introduction of the latest technologies for automating business processes for the FinTech sphere


We strive to become the best IT company in the world for automating business processes and implementing complex solutions

  • 25+

    Experienced professionals

  • 125+

    Successful projects

  • $2500k

    Cost of completed projects

  • 6+

    Years of experience

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Cost of services

The cost of the project is calculated individually, taking into account the specifics and the complexity of the tasks, the technical aspects of the work and the scale of the project. We always discuss the system pricing with the customer and detail the estimate

Hourly model

We provide a flexible system of hourly payment (EUR / hour). Pricing directly depends on the type of tasks that will need to be completed for a successful project implementation

Role Price EUR/h
Project Manager 65
Consultant 50
Designer 50
Architect 75
Tester 30
Developer 65
Technical writer 40
For long-term projects over 200 hours

Design model

We have more than 10 years of experience in creating large systems, various integrations and implementing ambitious customer requests. Each project is our personal pride.

Role Price EUR
CRM/ERP 10000 - 100000
Automation of communication with clients 5000 - 25000
We will develop a mathematical model 5000 - 50000
Data + MachineLearning from 10000
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Client | Cases

We have more than 10 years of experience in creating large systems, various integrations and implementing ambitious customer requests. Each project is our personal pride.

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If you want to join our team, then we are waiting for your resume by mail: hr@movex.co


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