Scoring constructor

Scoring constructor
  • Mathematical modelling is important in a period:

    • Scoring constructor allow to get different scoring scripts on a base of available data and their interpretation. Allow you to work with templates and adapt them to the specific needs of your business or products.
    • Scoring constructor allow you to do a simple assesment for a company on accordance its data for calculation probability if this company will not refund or delay payments.
    • The model is self-learning, can find hidden pattern in the data and allows you to connect new sources and look for factors which infuence on analyzing object behavier.
  • As a result, it was developed:

    • Created from scratch, the business process engine.
    • A list of external and internal microservices has been created to integrate into the IP PBX system.
    • Created a convenient workplace design for contact center operators.
  • Where is it implemented ?

    • In a bank for work in 11 open sources and historical data!
  • A task:

    • is to help with cinstructor and its self-learning part on neural network to prove Default rate on loans to 2.5-4% Project under NDA.