Case "Development and implementation of CRM system, integration, automation advice" 

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  • Goals:

    • Implement CRM
    • Organize centralized customer service of the Bank through telephony.
    • Organize incoming and outgoing calls, customer support and UpSales.
    • Reduce call handling and problem-solving time.
  • As a result, it was developed:

    • Full integration with the main banking systems to have all the contacts and financial data in CRM.
    • Integration with IP ATS for the CRM customer's pop-up profile when the customer calling.
    • Custom forms to connect new banking services with automatically filled out customer data stored already in the system.
    • Reports, custom modules, email notifications, etc.
  • Results:

    • The client's processing time has been reduced to 50%.
    • The time to process the loan application for the client was reduced to 1 hour.
  • Testimonials:

    • Operational Director, Serhii Klevaichuk.